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FACEBOOK | UK REPUTATION is an Online Reputation Management company that assists individuals as well as businesses in managing their visible online information. Any negative online information – wrong, misleading, inaccurate or outdated – can result in the kind of reputation that doesn’t earn client call-backs.  But with’s service, individuals and businesses can get a second chance from members of the public.

UK REPUTATION Recently, the US Supreme Court ruled that the individual states within America are free to make their own decision as to whether a state will legalise same-sex marriages. Indiana governor Mike Pence posted his  disapproval of the court’s decision on Facebook, stating that Indiana will move ahead to seek law within the Constitution of Indiana to ban same-sex marriage.

After countless comments were deleted from the original posting, Gov. Pence stated that comments were removed in an effort to keep the matter civilized, but members of the public saw this as keeping a social media forum platform one-sided. Within a matter of two days, Gov. Pence released an official apology and pledged to find an alternative manner in managing his official Facebook page.

If you choose to interact with members of the public via any form of social media, communication should be two-way, no matter whether feedback is negative or positive. Deleting comments can be viewed as a conflict of the fundamental premise of social media.

Leslie Hobbs from stated that removing key comments from a social media page such as Facebook because it is not in agreement with you, can more likely lead to members of the public concentrating on the negative aspects of an issue. In the case of businesses, the public could question the openness of such business and its dedication to being upfront and beneficial to its clientele.